Amanda Jefferson

“TKM Studios –  is the best desicion!”

TKM Studios –  is the best thing we ever did for our son. All staff are wonderful musicians and excellent teachers. They are very patient to give each student full attention. Their enthusiasm for music is contagious.

Daniela Jeferson

“Thank you for the excellent service”

Music to me is like learning a new language, and Tony has a great ability to translate it into something meaningful and understandable. They celebrate my successes with me and build me back up when I struggle.

Alice Wilson

“Mr. Tony really cares about the students!”

I am very glad to study in this school. I have improved so much as a saxophonist. My perspectives have changed in so many ways and continue to evolve, in positive ways, with each course I complete. This place is a jewel!

A skilled maestro!

A skilled maestro!
Tony is a skilled maestro. He taught me something new with every lesson. He opened my musical perspective, He showed me the fundamentals of a true musician. He gave me the tools to further my education on my own.


Personable & accommodating
Tony is a great teacher and my daughter loves her lessons with him…very personable and accommodating..We highly recommend him.. she has learned so much already and most important is she is gaining a lot of confidence.


Tony surprises me
For the past several months I have been receiving lessons from Toni. His years of experience have made it possible for him to easily determine my needs and customize my lessons accordingly. I ‘ve spent my life as a student and a teacher and a life long passion for music. As a mature individual in my 90]s it gives me great pleasure to know that I am still able to learn and Tony surprises me with so much I really didn’t know. I look forward each week to my lesson as I never know what it will entail but I do know that it will be fun and that I will learn something

Rick Rushing

Can’t ask for a better teacher
My third lesson was all about drawing pictures and taking notes as Tony went through the exact steps I needed to edit my photos in Photoshop and PS Lightroom when I don’t have Tony standing there guiding me. After explaining what I wanted to do, he was able to just show me the steps needed. In other words, he’s a Pro at Photoshop. Like I said before, I can’t ask for a better teacher and coach than Tony.

Sue Valind

Professional & knowledgeable.
My lessons went great, just what I was looking for! Tony was very professional & knowledgeable. He customized our class time to my needs, not only instructing me in photo editing but with computer navigation which is so important in this digital age! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help to take their photography to the next level!

Christa R.

I absolutely recommend…
When you first meet Tony you sense immediately his passion and love for music; this comes through in his teaching style and attitude. Our 2 daughters (ages 13 and 11) have been taking lessons from Tony for about 3 months. We are definitely seeing improvements in their abilities. He has a knack for challenging them without them really knowing. He pushes (gently) on them to reach their potential. Our girls enjoy taking lessons from Tony and look forward to seeing him each week. They practice without being asked (most days) and look forward to learning more interesting and challenging music. I would absolutely recommend Tony as an instructor for children or adults.

Phil B.

I recommend Tony
Tony has been teaching my 8 year old grand-daughter, Nevea, for about 6 months. Tony knows how to effectively teach younger children and has the patience needed to know the correct learning pace that each student can deal with. Nevea loves it when Tony will occasionally accompany her with the guitar. I sit in on most of the lessons and enjoy listening to the interaction between teacher and student.
I would recommend Tony as a teacher for students of any age.

Cynthia B.

Motivating & inspirational
Tony is great! He helped expand my range and over come the enormous amount of stage fright I battled for years in just a small amount of time. His lessons helped establish my music on a more professional level and broadened my picture of the music industry. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else! He is very motivating and inspirational, and you will definitely grow through his lessons.

Terry H.

Remarkable & Exceptional Teacher!
Mr. Tony has taught two of my children, one took singing lessons and the other took piano and music composition/songwriting lessons. He is a remarkable teacher. I saw both of my children learn a great deal and progress incredibly quickly under his expert direction and instruction. He is patient but driven and pushes his students to excel, getting great results. He also makes learning fun, so they enjoy learning as they go which helps keep them motivated. I would highly recommend Tony for anyone interested in learning more about music or for any type of music lessons. He is an exceptional teacher.

Neisah R.

Thank you for making my dream come true.
I want to express to people everything that Tony has done for me: He gave me an opportunity that I would call “once in a lifetime”. He gave me a chance to pursue my dream and as of right now, my dream is falling into place. Tony has always been available for me when needed, anytime I need to record or work with new material. He always has time and he’s also perfected my music and made it better than I ever thought it would be. Thank you for making my dream come true.

Ivan A.

Uncanny ability
Tony has renewed in me a love of music that had been soured by previous experience. He has an uncanny ability to unlock the sounds I have in my head and bring them to life. Again, reality imitates art.
Tony has renewed in me a love of music that had been soured by previous experience. He has an uncanny ability to unlock the sounds I have in my head and bring them to life. Again, reality imitates art.

Awesome Professional!

I would highly recommend Tony Mitri as a voice and music instructor. My son takes lessons with Mr. Mitri and his progress has been astounding! He studies with other teachers previously without much success. My son has said he has learned more from Mr. Mitri than all of his previous instructors. He enjoys the lessons so he works harder at making progress and it shows. He helped him expand his range substantially, and increase his confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in music of any kind. Mr.Mitri is awesome professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. You won’t be disappointed.

Jeri DeVale

Exceptional creative approach
You could tell that he not only was a good and patient teacher but that he was interested in my well being. He was exceptional in his creative approach to teaching! most definitely a 5 star teacher.
Jeri DeVale

Jerome B.

Patient & very knowledgeable
Mr. Mitri is patient and very knowledgeable going try stick as long as possible ! I am simply amazed of his knowledge of music. I’ve had many teachers over the years, but no one ever impressed me like Tony Mitri! TKM Studios is Where it’s happening!


Finally a competent teacher!
After my first meeting with Tony I really believe I’m going to be able to learn to play the guitar after all of these years.


My first meeting with Tony, & I feel confident that Tony will help me in getting my voice back. I was impressed with his knowledge & his absorption into his music. Looking forward to more lessons & being able to sing the way I used to.