Have you ever sung well, but not known how? Or had a problem that you couldn’t fix? Do you wish you could sing in more than one style? If you’ve ever asked the questions ‘how did I do that?’ or ‘why does my voice do this?, TKM Studios can help.

Singing lessons with TKM Studios will give you complete control over your voice, allowing you to sing in any style, in any repertoire, all with complete skill and understanding – and all with your own beautiful voice!

Unlike ‘traditional’ singing lessons, which focus on one musical style or genre, TKM Studios will explain the requirements of any type of singing – and show you how to achieve that sound, quickly and simply. Whether you sing Musicals, Pop, R&B, Opera, Rock, Jazz, Gospel and more, TKM Studios will give you the knowledge of how your voice works, and how to apply it to each unique style. You will be given a specific breathing excercises to do each week and we focus on range first, then we work on timber, and quality to attain a very professional voice.

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