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At TKM Studios, we want ta raise the standard of excellence in the music community, bath in the Tampa Bay area and around the world. We believe in helping people who have the talent or potential ta succeed and a desire ta excel. On a persona! level, we also feel a responsibility ta become a positive force in the music industry. Because of that, we maintain a firm policy that prohibits offensive or violent music to be produced or recorded at TKM Studios.

Explicit lyrics with sexual content, discrimination against minority groups, attacking religious beliefs of others, and offensive lyrics directed against the authorities or police force will net be tolerated. We believe that there is already enough immorality and violence in the world and that music should never be used as a tool for such destructive forces. We welcome all musicians and artists who share that belief ta came work with us ta TKM Studios set the example for others ta follow.

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Our Progress in Last
2 Years

Productions 84%
Successful Albums 92%
Increase in Popularity 70%

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