Artist Development

To make it in this business, there are some essential steps that need to be done in order to be taken seriously as a professional in this industry. F techniques, enhanced instrumental instruction (if applicable), original music, stage presence, choreography, professional recordings, a bio, publicity phc promotion & management, etc.. These are all key ingredients to marketing yourself professionally and effectively in this business. Let an expert advise choose to get your career off to an effective start. TKM Studios’s goal is to bring your music to the people and the people to your music.
There are thousands of people with talent, but the music industry is for professionals, not hobbyists. Those that understand that this is a business, alsc train for this business. Some people are skeptical about spending money to develop themselves, but consider this:
Entertainers are some of the highest paid workers in the world. Those rewards come at a price: hard work, training and investing in oneself. As essentially self employed. How do you expect to find someone to invest in you if you won’t first invest in yourself?

Other high profile, high paying positions, such as the medical profession, also come with a price. Medical school can run in excess of $150,000. Lawyer:
with tuitions ranging $75,000-$100,000.



Original Compositions

Price per Hour
  • We do the compositions
  • We will record your song
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Recording & Arrangement

Price per Song
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Full Marketing Package

  • All in other packages
  • Customization of website branding
  • Content Development & Marketing
  • Management services
  • Concerts management
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